Do You Dream of Opening Your Own Pizza Parlor and Earning Six Figures?

Your Business Dreams Can Come True — You Just Need a Battle-Tested Strategy ...

A good pizza restaurant business plan to get it right from the start makes all the difference between failure or success.

Customer Testimonial

Start Quote The itemization of market breakdown of the fictional company in the business plan was helpful. The spreadsheet itemizing the startup costs also helped to get us organized. You outlined items that we simply had overlooked.
Gregory Hathorn, Alabama end Quote

Customer Testimonial

Start Quote Guidance and structure from those that have the knowledge base is invaluable when a decision is made to take such a leap as opening your own business. There is no need to re-create a format for an overall plan that is already created. ...
April Ranceful , Parrish, FL end Quote

Customer Testimonial

Start Quote The industry analysis was very powerful when we pitched our idea to bankers and investors. Several people commented on how much detail there was and how it really makes the case for a pizzeria business.
Bruno Tropeano end Quote
Dear Pizzeria Entrepreneur, Do you want to open your own pizza parlor? You might already know about the industry and just how profitable and rewarding it is. What other business practically guarantees satisfied customers every time? What other business caters to men, women and children from all walks of life? Let's face it, everyone loves pizza. Did you know that:
  • 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.
  • Approximately 3 BILLION pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year.
  • Each man, woman, and child consumes an average of 23 pounds of pizza every year.
  • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza EACH DAY, or about 350 slices per second.
  • Pizza is a $32+ BILLION per year industry.
So needless to say, the pizza industry is a huge market that can support a number of successful competitors. Whether you aspire to grow as well-recognized as Dominos or simply want to make a comfortable, six-figure income in your home town, the key to success is a carefully planned, well executed business plan.
"Why Do I Need a Pizza Business Plan?"
Having a solid plan with realistic estimates is critical. You need a business plan that can be tailored to your unique business. Generic software plans simply don't work, and consultants can be way too expensive. A professional business plan is like a road map to success, showing you:
  • How much revenue you can expect in the first year, the second year, and so on
  • Your risks and how to minimize them
  • How to beat the competition head-on
  • How to market your business with the least possible investment
  • Ways to set your pizza shop apart from the competition - and double your income!
  • The minimal requirements you need to get into the lucrative pizzeria business
Let me show you how to get a customizable business plan that can be edited to specifically fit your pizza shop and will help you earn the highest profits attainable!
"I Can Help You Plan for Your Pizzaria's Success ..."
I've heard it all … As a pizza business consultant and author of How to Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant, entrepreneurs just like you ask me all kinds of questions about the pizza business. Of the hundreds of questions I receive every month, about 80% involve effective business plan development or business startup. I also get the success stories - the phone calls, letters, and e-mails from professionals who've built profitable and established pizza parlors. They offer their tips and advice, telling me what worked for them. So I have a unique vantage point - and a wealth of secret, insider information about the business that others don't. I know what it takes to make it! Regardless of what anyone says, starting your own business has its risks. But, what I've learned is that a good business plan helps you tackle challenges before they set you back. But first, let's review the facts.
  • FACT: Over 50% of all small businesses FAIL in the first year. (Source: US Small Business Administration)
  • FACT: Statistics show that a well-written business plan can dramatically increase your chance of success.
  • FACT: Poor planning is the #1 cause for small businesses failure . (Source: Dunn and Bradstreet)
"Get The Secret To Launching and Running A Highly Profitable Pizza Parlor!"
Now, let me show you exactly how to help safeguard your business from failure. I want to introduce you to the best business plan template I've ever come across. It provides the customization you need, geared solely towards the pizza industry. It also doesn't have the high price tag you'll find with consultants or business plan software. It's incredibly easy to customize and the bulk of the plan is written for you! Using this business plan, you can map out your new business in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. This business plan is a professional document that will help you plan for your pizza shop's success. If you need financing, this customizable pizza business plan will help you get the money you need. You will be proud to show this business plan to any reputable bank, investor or business consultant. Introducing....
"The Only Pizza Shop Business Plan with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee"
The Pizza Parlor Business Plan 2013 Would you take a road trip without a map? Probably not. So why would you even consider starting a business, with much greater risk, without a fail-safe, ironclad business plan? Get started the easy way using the Pizza Shop Business Plan. Pizza Business Plan
"Read What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying ..."
"You outlined items that we simply overlooked."
"The itemization of market breakdown of the fictional company in the business plan was helpful. The spreadsheet itemizing the startup costs also helped to get us organized. You outlined items that we simply had overlooked. I would recommend that people buy this plan because any tool that provides an organized approach to tackling the 100s of issues related to opening a business is beneficial."
Gregory Hathorn, Alabama
"The industry analysis was very powerful!"
"The industry analysis was very powerful when we pitched our idea to bankers and investors. Several people commented on how much detail there was and how it really makes the case for a pizzeria business. I believe that the real purpose of writing a business plan is in the process. By writing down your plan, it raises questions that have to be addressed. The plan helped us organize the process better and gave us some ideas for addressing the questions that were coming up as we customized the plan."
Bruno Tropeano
"We are Opening Our First Shop in 3 or 4 Months!"
"Guidance and structure from those that have the knowledge base is invaluable when a decision is made to take such a leap as opening your own business. There is no need to re-create a format for an overall plan that is already created. We are very close to finalizing our plan and opening our store with the next 3-4 months. Thank You!"
April Ranceful Parrish, FL
"The financials were incredibly helpful."
"I do not have a finance background at all, but looking at the financials and seeing what was important really has taught me how to think about things from that angle. I would recommend the business plan as a tool to help get focused; it's definitely a great outline and the financials are essential and well done."
Jennifer Dundas Brooklyn, New York
"It Contained Key Information for Starting a Shop!"
"I would recommend this business plan to others because it's important to have good solid information when starting a business and any materials that can dispel some of the myths and put things into a clear focus is good."

Yahya Muhammad Chicago, IL

A Professional Business Plan in a Fraction of the Time at a Fraction of the Cost!
When you actually sit down to write a pizza shop business plan, you can feel overwhelmed. Where do you start? What do you say? With so many sections and critical information expected, it's hard to know. Generic plans just don't work for this business, and consultants charge up to $150 an hour to write, research and craft your customized business plan. But, now, you can create a professional business plan specifically geared toward the pizza industry in a fraction of the time it would take if you were writing it from scratch!
Writing a Business Plan Has Never Been Easier ...
Just customize with your shop's details in the easy-to-follow Microsoft Word business plan template and click save. Then open the Microsoft Excel financials document and plug in your shop's projected numbers. This will help you calculate the break even analysis, opening day balance sheet, three-year profit projection and 12-month profit loss statement. It's so simple! Once you're satisfied with your business plan, print it out and place everything in a professional binder. Then it's done! You can use it as a guide for running your pizza shop. You can also present your polished plan to lenders, partners or investors. They'll think you spent months preparing it.
(Plus, don't forget, it's also your invaluable map charting your path to total business success!)
System Requirements The Pizza Parlor Business Plan 2013 is easy to edit, but does require Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel and Adobe Acrobat (a free program) to operate. If you do NOT have Microsoft Word or Excel you can use Google documents (it's free - just sign up for a google account) instead.
"The Research Has Been Done For You with Up-to-date Pizza Industry Facts and Figures"
The most difficult part of writing a business plan is the research involved. This is why the Pizzaria Business Plan 2013 places special emphasis on the research section. This business plan uses only the most reputable sources and includes all the key information entrepreneurs, banks and investors require. All industry research is pulled from exceptional sources including:
  • US Census Bureau
  • Datamonitor
  • US Food & Drug Administration
The Pizza Shop Business Plan 2013 is updated as soon as new data is released to ensure you always have the most up-to-date facts and figures in your pizza shop business plan. Since the industry research section is already written, you save hundreds of frustrating hours required to manually gather anything nearly as comprehensive. That alone is worth your investment!
"How Much Does The Pizza Shop Business Plan Cost?"
You would expect to pay $1,500 to $5,000 if you hired a consultant to research, write and design a professional business plan for your pizza parlor. But, let's face it. Unless you already have extensive capital, that just isn't an option. You can take the short-cut and buy a generic business plan software program with hundreds of business plans for various industries. But this lacks the refined industry research necessary to gain a true market outlook. You also face the risk of frequent typos (when it says "tacos" vs "pizza), which translate into instant rejection from any legitimate bank or lender. But The Pizza Business Plan 2013 gives you everything you need for hundreds or even thousands less than you'd pay for other solutions on the market. Get a professional, well-researched business plan that can be specifically customized for your pizza parlor at our low special introductory rate of just $97.00 $47.00 (save $50.00)!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Risk Free!
If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with The Pizza Business Plan 2013, simply return it for a complete refund within 60-Days - Risk Free. If you don't like it - you won't pay for it. Period. You have nothing to lose.
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Thanks for your interest in The Pizza Shop Business Plan 2013! In ordering, you're making one of the best decisions you'll make all year. This solution continues to help thousands of pizza shop owners and entrepreneurs, simplifying business plan development and helping them achieve their revenue goals. If you have any questions about our business plan, please read through our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. If you don't find the answer to your question in our FAQ section, email me at I'll be happy to help you! Wishing You Success in Your Pizza Business Ventures, Shri Henkel Business Consultant and Author

P.S. If you came to this website looking for information on how to make money in the pizzeria business, this plan is for you. No other customizable plan and resource offers such professional, in-depth insight into this exciting industry. And you can order it here right now! P.P.S. We've made sure you've got plenty to gain and nothing to lose with our 60-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: Because I'm currently offering this business plan at an introductory rate (less than one third the price of competitors), this price won't last long! So do yourself a favor and order it now before the price goes up! P.P.P.S. Don't wait! Opportunity favors the well prepared. This business plan and the supplements included will help you crystallize your vision and help you on your way to making your dream come true.